Legends of DIA part 3: Underground tunnels and secret societies

You’ve already heard about Blucifer and Notre Denver. But, did you know about the rumors that Denver International Airport is a secret home to the New World Order, the Freemasons, or other secret societies?


The New World Order rumor comes from a mysterious plaque stating that the airport was funded by “The New World Airport Commission.”


Oddly, it turns out the group doesn’t exist, according to the DIA DENFiles. So, there is a genuine mystery there, although some reports claim the organization was created solely to fund the airport, and then it disappeared.


Interestingly the plaque also bears the symbol of the Freemasons, leading some to believe that the airport is some sort of meeting place for the Illuminati. Of note, there’s a time capsule buried under the marker, set to be open in 2094.


Add to that the fact that there are underground tunnels, originally designed for luggage transport but that malfunctioned almost immediately (and catastrophically) after the airport opened. Plus the fact that the airport construction was completed way behind schedule and way over budget, largely due to these tunnels…


This leads some to believe that the failed luggage system was just a cover up for the cost of building the tunnels for another purpose, possibly connected to an underground bunker.


And then there are the rumors of the failed buildings that were built incorrectly. But, rather than being demolished, they were buried for some reason. Which adds more weirdness to the whole idea of the underground network under the airport.


All these factors have led conspiracy theorists to believe that there’s more going on in the underground tunnels than just the faulty luggage transport system… That it’s actually a secret lair for the world’s elite to flee to come doom’s day, or possibly even home to a race of lizard people.


Whatever the reason for all these quirky artifacts and rumors… it sure makes a visit to the airport a lot more interesting!


And DIA is even having a bit of fun with it during construction, with signs like this: