A Wondercats Adventure: The Great Baby Heist

A Supercat Adventure: The Great Baby Heist

When kidnappers take the human baby, a mischievous, bossy housecat named Hazel fears life at home will change forever. Fortunately, a magic-laced lightning storm bestows superpowers (like fast speed, earth-rattling purrs, and hairballs on-demand) on Hazel and her fellow felines.

The supercats must navigate their new abilities and work together to overcome desert predators, conniving kidnappers, and tempting distractions (like laser pointer dots) to rescue the baby and protect their home.

A Supercat Adventure: The Great Baby Heist placed as a finalist in the 2020 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. The manuscript is complete (35,000 words) and available for representation/acquisition. For more information, contact Tamara at drtammy@petcopywriter.com